Anupama – June 25, 2023 Episode Update

Scene 1

Leela is playing with Pari, telling her that her grandmother is going to the United States, but she doesn’t need to worry because her great-grandmother will take care of her and play with her. Kinjal enters and informs Leela and Vanraj that Pakhi has called to say that she is organizing a farewell party for Anupama at the Kapadia house. Leela is confused, asking why there is a need for a party at the Kapadia house when they are already having a farewell party for Anupama at the Shah house. Kinjal explains that Anuj also wants to give Anupama a farewell party, and Pakhi has decided to have the parties on the same day, one in the afternoon at the Shah house and one in the evening at the Kapadia house.

Leela is not happy about this, and she says that she will speak to Anupama about canceling the Kapadia house party. Kinjal tries to persuade her not to, saying that it would upset Anupama, but Leela is adamant. She says that she doesn’t want Maaya and Barkha to be at the party, and she doesn’t want them to ruin Anupama’s happiness.

Scene 2

Maaya is in the kitchen, venting her frustration on a dough. Barkha enters and asks her what she is doing. Maaya tells her that she is angry about Pakhi’s plan to have a farewell party for Anupama at the Kapadia house. Barkha tells her that she needs to control her anger, or she will ruin everything. She warns Maaya that if she creates any drama at the party, Anuj will be more angry with her, and she will lose him forever.

Scene 3

Anupama is walking down the street when she slips and falls. Anuj happens to be driving by and sees her fall. He gets out of the car and helps her up. He notices that she has injured her leg, so he makes her sit in the car and drives her home.

Anupama tells Anuj that she was on her way to meet Bhairavi, who is selling vegetables without having eaten anything. Anuj is concerned about Bhairavi, so he gives Anupama some money to give to her. He also gives her an important file that she might need during her trip to the United States.

Scene 4

Pakhi is in her room, thinking about Adhik. She regrets what she did, and she wants to apologize to him. She goes to his room and tells him that she is sorry. She says that she knows that an apology is not enough, but she is really sorry.

Adhik tells Pakhi that he has already forgiven her, but he is still hurt by what she did. He says that he needs time to get over it. Pakhi tells him that she understands, and she asks him if there is anything she can do to help him.

Scene 5

Anuj drops Anupama off at her house. They both get emotional, and Anuj tells Anupama that he loves her. He says that he will miss her very much while she is in the United States. Anupama tells Anuj that she will miss him too, but she knows that they will be together again soon.

They hug each other tightly, and then Anuj leaves. Anupama watches him go, and she feels a sense of sadness. She knows that she will miss him, but she is also excited about her new adventure in the United States.


The Shahs give Anupama a grand farewell party. Anuj is eagerly waiting for Anupama to arrive. Maaya thinks to herself that she has to do something to end this problem permanently.

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