Radha convinces Mohan to stay at the office – Radha Mohan Written Episode Update

Radha convinces Mohan to stay at the office – Radha Mohan 25th June 2023 Written Episode Update

In the midst of the night, Guru Maa continues to torment Tulsi, while Mohan, disturbed by the events in his dream, starts screaming, unable to bear the pain. Radha rushes to calm him down, questioning what happened. Her yelling wakes everyone up, including Kaveri and Gungun, who also rush to their room, concerned about the commotion. Even Ketki and Ajeet become worried.

Radha embraces Mohan, assuring him that nothing is wrong. She suggests that he may have had a bad dream, but Mohan insists that it wasn’t just a dream. He felt as if Tulsi was in immense pain and crying out. Radha asks whom Mohan is referring to, and he replies that he’s talking about Tulsi. Damini and Kaveri are shocked by this revelation, while Ajeet and Ketki struggle to believe what they are hearing. Damini wonders how Mohan could hear Tulsi’s voice and quickly rushes back to her room. Radha becomes deeply worried.

At the stairs, Damini calls out to Guru Maa, pleading with her to stop torturing Tulsi because Mohan can hear her cries. Damini is surprised to see Radha standing behind her and questions why Radha is there. Radha, in turn, demands to know what Damini has done to Mohan. She accuses Damini of causing harm to Tulsi, which is why Mohan can hear her voice. Radha tries to take Damini’s phone, but Damini warns her not to blame her. Radha suggests telling Mohan the entire truth and forcefully brings Damini to their room. Radha tells Mohan that his condition is a result of Damini’s actions. Kaveri intervenes, urging Radha to stop and explaining that Damini was sleeping in her own room. Mohan interrupts Kaveri, claiming that it was just a bad dream, as he was asleep and only thought that Tulsi was in trouble. He sees Gungun and Radha and accuses them of trying to scare him with the name of Shalu, calling them ghosts. Gungun retorts that Mohan is a coward for getting scared easily, and she asks if she can sleep with him. Mohan, with a smile, says that anyone who sleeps with him can scare even ghosts. Gungun happily hugs Mohan, while Damini and Kaveri feel relieved. They all leave, but Radha remains suspicious, pondering how Mohan could hear Tulsi’s voice when nobody else could.

Feeling that Mohan heard her voice, Tulsi decides to go and talk to Radha and Mohan. Damini asks Guru Maa how Mohan could hear Tulsi’s voice, and Guru Maa explains that Tulsi is still in the living world despite breaking the rules of normal life. Damini agrees but questions how Mohan could hear her voice. Guru Maa reveals that both Gungun and Mohan can hear Tulsi due to the immense pain she is experiencing. Damini worries about what Tulsi might tell Mohan through Radha, but Guru Maa assures her that she will ensure Tulsi cannot reveal anything to anyone.

Mohan, still awake, rests his head on Radha’s lap. After realizing that Radha is asleep, he slowly sits up. Tulsi, sitting beside the bed, realizes she needs to talk to him, so she calls out to Mohan. Once again, Mohan feels her presence. Kaveri is shocked to hear this, but Guru Maa covers Tulsi’s mouth with a black cloth, preventing her from speaking. Confused and unable to speak, Tulsi wonders

what has happened to her. Mohan exclaims that he felt as if Tulsi called him, questioning his sanity. Kaveri becomes excited, believing that Guru Maa has succeeded in her plan since Tulsi had been tormenting them for the past seven years, and now it’s their turn. Anxious, Mohan lies down again after fixing the bed. Tulsi thinks that the moment she has been waiting for all these years has finally arrived. However, she is forced to consider what new scheme Damini and Kaveri have planned to harm Radha and Mohan.

Angry, Damini declares that if Mohan reacted this way after merely hearing Tulsi’s voice, she wonders how he will react after what happens the next day. Kaveri remarks that Damini is truly evil, stating that the time has come to separate Mohan and Radha.

Damini takes Mohan, informing him that his cabin is ready. Mohan opens the door and is shocked to see how his cabin has been filled with photos of Tulsi and him. Memories of his past life with Tulsi flood his mind as he recalls the beautiful moments they shared. Tulsi had expressed her desire to spend the rest of her life with him, which is why she observed this fast. Shocked, Mohan turns back, and Damini smiles, pleased with her actions. Tears well up in Mohan’s eyes as he thinks about how Tulsi blamed him for being wrong, even after so many years of their marriage. Radha realizes that Damini has filled the cabin with memories of Tulsi, which is why Mohan hasn’t been coming to the office for so long. Damini asks Mohan how he likes her surprise and informs him that they have a meeting with investors in an hour. Mohan angrily demands that she cancel the meeting. Damini thinks that since Mohan couldn’t accept her love, he should see what she’s capable of as an enemy, and she leaves.

Mohan, filled with anger, grips the chair tightly. Radha cautiously approaches him, but he pushes her away. She pleads with him to listen, but he continues to push her, causing her to fall to the floor. Neha hears the commotion and calls everyone to come to the cabin. Mohan kneels down to help Radha stand, apologizing for his actions. He asks if she is okay. Mohan says he mentioned that he is not good because he brings pain to the person he loves. He explains that he has been trying to escape from this secret of his life. Radha hugs Mohan, assuring him that Tulsi was his wife, and there is no reason for him to forget her. Mohan expresses his belief that Radha doesn’t understand, as he only remembers the last time he saw Tulsi and how this place has destroyed him. He breaks down in tears, resting his head on the desk. Radha sits beside him, watching him cry and unable to control himself. Mohan turns away, but Radha gently places her hand on his shoulder, trying to turn him back towards her. Eventually, Mohan faces her, and Radha wipes away his tears. Damini witnesses them together and cannot bear it. Mohan notices the portrait of Tulsi, stating that he cannot stay in this place because it holds too many memories of her. He tries to leave, but Radha stops him, acknowledging that this place holds a lot of memories. She reminds him that he is only remembering the bad moments and not the good ones. Radha says that this is where he last saw Tulsi, but he shouldn’t forget that they also shared many beautiful moments in this place. She recalls how Tulsi used to feed him with her own hands and suggests that

when two people are together, they have both good and bad memories. Radha insists that he should focus on how Tulsi is present around him and remember her with love. She encourages Mohan to regain his former self, the Mohan who built this business empire while also sharing wonderful times with his wife. Radha asks Mohan if he trusts her and pleads with him to fight against his fears and memories. Damini becomes furious upon hearing this.

Radha slowly walks toward the door of the cabin and calls Mohan again, explaining that he is the only one who can confront his fears and memories because she was never a part of those moments.

Neha exclaims that they are indeed having an affair and mentions that Radha is married but still engaging in such behavior.

Mohan realizes that Radha is right. He cannot change his past, but he must learn to live with it in the present

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