Anupama – June 29, 2023 Episode Update: Anupama Expresses Her Gratitude to the Shah Family: A Heartwarming Farewell

The recent episodes of the popular television drama “Anupama” have been filled with emotional moments as the beloved character Anupama bids farewell to the Shah family. In a heartwarming scene, Anupama expresses her gratitude to the Shah family for giving her wonderful memories and a place she can always call home. As she prepares to leave for America, she promises to cherish those memories and keep the Shah house close to her heart.

An Unbreakable Bond

Anupama, played by the talented actress Rupali Ganguly, shares a deep bond with the Shah family. Baa, the matriarch of the family, affectionately reminds Anupama that the Shah house will always be her home. This sentiment touches Anupama’s heart, and she is overcome with emotions.

A Musical Tribute

Vanraj, Anupama’s estranged husband, decides to make her farewell even more special. He surprises everyone by picking up a guitar and starting to play. Encouraged by Anupama, Vanraj sings a beautiful song, pouring his heart out. The atmosphere becomes magical as their connection is reignited through the power of music.

Anupama’s Prayers

Deeply moved by the heartfelt gesture, Anupama prays for the happiness and well-being of everyone in the Shah family, including the children, Vanraj, and even Kavya, his current partner. Her prayers reflect her selfless nature and her desire for everyone to find joy and contentment.

An Emotional Twist

As the family comes together for a group photograph, a peculiar incident catches the attention of Paritosh and Samar, Anupama’s sons. They notice a strange interaction between Pakhi and Adhik and sense that something is amiss. Despite Pakhi’s attempts to hide the truth, Paritosh and Samar resolve to intervene and mend their relationship.

Bidding Farewell with Love

Baa expresses her concerns about the house being filled with sadness once Anupama leaves. However, Vanraj reassures her that they should focus on Anupama’s happiness and find solace in that. The bond between the Shah family members grows stronger as they support and love one another during this emotional time.

Kavya’s Realization

Anupama takes a moment to talk to Kavya, the woman who has come between her and Vanraj. Anupama acknowledges that Pakhi has finally realized the truth about Adhik and praises Kavya for understanding it as well. Anupama suggests that Kavya stay at the Shah house, an act of magnanimity that surprises and touches Kavya deeply. She expresses her gratitude to Anupama for always being there for her.

A Debt of Gratitude

Kanta and Vanraj’s mother, who have witnessed Anupama’s selflessness and dedication, appreciate her for her unwavering support. They believe that supporting Anupama during this transitional phase is their way of repaying her for all that she has done for their family.

A Troublesome Plan

In a parallel storyline, Dimple, a conniving character, learns about Kavya’s return to the Shah house. Determined to cause trouble, she manipulates Adhik by provoking him against Pakhi. Her devious plan unfolds as she schemes to teach Pakhi a lesson once Anupama is no longer around.

A Shocking Precap

The upcoming episode teases an intriguing twist in the storyline. Anupama visits Anuj’s house, where she is warmly welcomed. However, Maya, a character filled with jealousy and malice, confronts Anupama and questions why she won’t simply disappear from their lives. This provokes Anuj, who becomes furious and slaps Maya, leaving the viewers in suspense and eagerly awaiting the next episode.


Anupama’s farewell from the Shah family is an emotional rollercoaster filled with gratitude, love, and unexpected turns. The depth of the characters’ emotions and the heartfelt moments depicted in the show have captivated audiences across the nation. As Anupama embarks on a new chapter of her life, the viewers eagerly anticipate the unfolding drama and the impact it will have on the lives of the characters they have grown to love.


  1. Q: What is the name of the television drama mentioned in the article? A: The television drama is called “Anupama.”
  2. Q: Who plays the character of Anupama? A: Anupama is portrayed by the talented actress Rupali Ganguly.
  3. Q: What is the significance of the musical tribute in the farewell scene? A: The musical tribute symbolizes the rekindling of the connection between Anupama and Vanraj through the power of music.
  4. Q: What does Anupama pray for during her farewell? A: Anupama prays for the happiness and well-being of everyone in the Shah family, including the children, Vanraj, and Kavya.
  5. Q: What awaits the viewers in the upcoming episodes? A: The upcoming episodes promise shocking twists and turns, including Anupama’s visit to Anuj’s house and the confrontation with Maya.

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