Anupama – June 30, 2023 Episode Update: Saying Goodbye: An Emotional Departure – Anupama’s Farewell


The episode starts with Maya overhearing Ankush talking to Anu about her mother’s impending departure for the United States. Maya feels upset upon hearing the news. Meanwhile, other family members gather to bid farewell to Anupama, who is preparing to leave for her new journey. This emotional episode explores the feelings and relationships within the family as they face Anupama’s departure.

Anupama – June 30, 2023 Episode Update: Saying Goodbye: An Emotional Departure - Anupama's Farewell


  1. Maya Overhears Ankush’s Conversation
    • Maya learns about her mother’s upcoming departure.
    • Ankush discusses Anu’s feelings and advises her to bid a happy farewell.
  2. Kinjal’s Gratitude and Concern
    • Kinjal expresses her gratitude to Kavya and hugs her.
    • The family discusses the possible reaction of Babu ji.
  3. Anupama’s Request to Dimple
    • Dimple is advised not to repeat the mistakes made by Pakhi.
    • Anupama asks Dimple to handle her husband and in-laws.
  4. The Family Selfie
    • Anupama’s husband suggests taking a family selfie before she leaves.
    • Anupama expresses her sadness but agrees to go after an hour.
  5. Anuj’s Anticipation and Anupama’s Farewell
    • Anuj waits eagerly for Anupama’s arrival.
    • Anupama becomes emotional while preparing to leave.
  6. Anupama’s Request for a Gift
    • Anupama playfully asks Baa for her farewell gift.
    • The family members present their gifts to Anupama.
  7. Vanraj’s Sentimental Gesture
    • Vanraj gives Anupama ghungroo as a gift.
    • He apologizes for his past mistakes and wishes her well.
  8. Anupama’s Heartfelt Letters
    • Anupama informs the family that she has written letters for each of them.
    • She explains the importance of expressing emotions through written words.
  9. An Emotional Goodbye
    • Anupama bids farewell to her children and family.
    • She leaves the house while everyone watches, crying.
  10. Reading the Letters
    • Each family member reads their respective letters from Anupama.
    • Anupama’s letters contain individual messages and advice for everyone.
  11. Anuj’s Aarti and Maya’s Accusation
    • Anuj prepares to perform Anupama’s aarti.
    • Maya interrupts and accuses Anupama of interfering in their relationship.
  12. Anuj’s Revelation
    • Anupama asks Maya to clarify her accusation.
    • Anuj steps forward to support Anupama and confront Maya.


The episode starts with an intense moment as Maya overhears Ankush discussing her mother’s departure plans. Ankush reveals to Anu that her mother will be leaving for the United States in three days. Anu nods, confirming that she will miss her mother. Ankush advises Anu to bid a happy farewell to her mother, pointing out that staying away from her causes emotional distress. Maya, who has overheard this conversation, feels upset.

In another part of the house, Kinjal approaches Kavya and expresses her gratitude. She hugs Kavya and assures her that everyone will be happy when she returns. However, Baa reminds Kinjal that Babu ji might be angry with her decision. Anupama agrees, acknowledging that her departure might not be well-received by her husband.

Meanwhile, Pakhi advises Dimple not to repeat the mistakes she made in the past and to bond with the family. Dimple, however, asks Pakhi to focus on her own husband and in-laws. The conversation reflects the complexity of the relationships within the family.

Dimple’s husband suggests taking a family selfie before Anupama’s departure. Anupama, feeling a bit sad, requests to delay the farewell for an hour. She expresses her desire not to rush the goodbye and asks for a little more time. The family agrees and reassures her that they don’t want to bid farewell so soon.

As Anupama waits to leave, Anuj eagerly awaits her arrival. The anticipation builds up as Anuj thinks about the long six hours of waiting. Anupama, on the other hand, is emotional and concerned about the amount of stuff she needs to take with her. Baa insists that she takes everything, adding to the emotional atmosphere.

Anupama’s departure becomes more emotional as she embraces her family members and thanks them for the beautiful gifts, the wonderful day, and the lovely party. Vanraj presents her with ghungroo, a symbolic gesture of their complex relationship. He acknowledges that he has held her back in the past but now wishes her well. Anupama thanks him for the gift and appreciates the sentiment behind it.

Anupama surprises everyone by revealing that she has written letters for each of them. She emphasizes the importance of expressing emotions through handwritten letters. Anupama asks her family to read the letters after she leaves, encouraging them to imagine her pouring her heart out onto the pages.

With a heavy heart, Anupama bids farewell to her children and the entire family. The children cling to her pallu, unwilling to let her go. Vanraj frees her pallu, symbolizing her new journey. Kavya brings flower petals and showers Anupama with them as she steps out of the house. Everyone watches with tear-filled eyes and waves goodbye as Anupama leaves.

As the family members read their respective letters, they are touched by Anupama’s words. Baa reads her letter, which advises her to take care of herself and Kavya, as Kavya needs her support. Dimpy’s letter asks her to make a place in everyone’s heart, just like Kinjal. Paritosh’s letter encourages him to take on the responsibility for Pari amidst Kinjal’s decision. Kinjal’s letter praises her and reminds her to embrace her womanhood along with her other relationships. Samar’s letter asks him to take care of Dimple and focus on his dance academy. Kavya’s letter emphasizes self-care and encourages her to call whenever she needs support, regardless of the time. Vanraj’s letter reflects on their complex relationship and expresses hope for a future where they meet as friends, wishing him happiness and asking him to take care of Kavya and himself.

Anupama’s letters also address Adhik and Pakhi. Adhik’s letter urges him to give Pakhi another chance and emphasizes Anupama’s efforts to bridge the gap between them. Pakhi’s letter encourages her to stay strong and assures her that everything will be fine between her and Adhik. Anupama promises to mend the distance and reminds Pakhi that she is her daughter.

In the upcoming episode, Anuj is about to perform Anupama’s aarti when Maya interrupts and blames Anupama for the situation. Anupama confronts Maya, asking her to speak clearly. Anuj steps forward, supporting Anupama, and the episode ends with a suspenseful moment.


Anupama’s farewell episode evokes intense emotions as she prepares to embark on a new journey. The episode highlights the complex relationships within the family and showcases Anupama’s selflessness and love for her family members. As Anupama bids goodbye, her handwritten letters leave a lasting impact on each family member, offering them guidance, love, and hope for the future. The anticipation builds as Anuj’s arrival brings new twists and turns to the storyline. Viewers eagerly await the next episode to witness the unfolding drama and to see how the characters navigate the challenges ahead.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. Q: What is the significance of the ghungroo gift given by Vanraj to Anupama?
    • A: The ghungroo gift symbolizes their complex relationship and Vanraj’s acknowledgment of his past mistakes.
  2. Q: How do the family members react to Anupama’s departure?
    • A: The family members are emotional and tearful as they bid farewell to Anupama, expressing their love and appreciation.
  3. Q: What do Anupama’s letters contain?
    • A: Anupama’s letters contain personalized messages and advice for each family member, addressing their individual relationships and circumstances.
  4. Q: What happens when Maya interrupts the aarti?
    • A: Maya accuses Anupama of interfering in her relationship with Anuj, creating a tense moment. Anupama confronts Maya, seeking clarification.
  5. Q: How does Anuj support Anupama in the face of Maya’s accusations?
    • A: Anuj steps forward to defend Anupama and confront Maya, indicating his loyalty and trust in Anupama.

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