Anupama 2nd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Kanta Slaps Maaya…..


In the latest episode of the popular TV series “Anupama,” the storyline takes a dramatic twist as Anupama’s life is engulfed in a whirlwind of emotions, betrayal, and danger. The intense confrontation between Anupama, Anuj, and Maaya leads to shocking revelations and leaves the viewers on the edge of their seats. Let’s delve into the details and uncover the gripping events that unfold.

The Discovery of Anuj’s Plans

Anupama confronts Anuj, seeking clarification regarding the papers Maaya mentioned. Intrigued, she wants to know what these papers are and what they imply. Maaya, with a cynical laugh, taunts Anupama, insinuating that Anuj intends to leave for the United States behind her back and that these papers serve as evidence of his plans. Anupama looks at Anuj, her eyes filled with questions and hurt.

Maaya’s Accusations and Ankush’s Intervention

Maaya, fueled by her anger, accuses Anupama and Anuj of planning to abandon her and stay in the United States. Ankush, Anuj’s brother, steps in to defend his brother’s actions. He questions Maaya, reminding her that she has no right to interfere in their affairs. Maaya retorts, asserting her position as Anuj’s responsibility. However, Ankush dismisses her claims, labeling her a burden and a consequence of his brother’s misfortune.

Anuj’s Defense and Unveiling the Truth

Anuj, unable to tolerate the insults hurled at Anupama, erupts in anger. He denies Maaya’s allegations, vehemently stating that he is going to the United States on official business after a month. He professes his love for Anupama and emphasizes that she is his life. Anuj even goes as far as declaring that he would have booked a ticket next to Anupama if his intention were to abandon her. He clarifies that Maaya is nothing more than the biological mother of his foster daughter and that he regrets ever taking responsibility for her.

Shah Family’s Concern and Maaya’s Unsettling Behavior

Back at the Shah residence, the family becomes worried when they receive no calls from Pakhi and others. They fear that Maaya might have created another drama. Leela, the matriarch of the family, prays for everything to be alright. Meanwhile, Maaya’s laughter echoes in the background, creating an unsettling atmosphere.

Maaya’s Outburst and Anuj’s Protection

Maaya’s instability escalates as she loses control and grabs Anuj’s collar. She screams, blaming both Anupama and Anuj for her mental state. Anuj intervenes, shielding Anupama from Maaya’s aggression. In a shocking turn of events, Maaya expresses her desire for Anupama to die, leaving everyone in utter disbelief.

Kanta’s Slap and Anuj’s Regret

Unable to bear Maaya’s audacity, Kanta, a relative, slaps her tightly. Barkha, witnessing the scene, realizes where Anupama acquired her resolute demeanor. Kanta warns Maaya, making it clear that she doesn’t want her anywhere near Anupama. She questions Anuj, criticizing his farewell to Anupama and emphasizing his responsibility in inviting trouble by maintaining a relationship with Maaya.

An Emotional Farewell

Feeling the weight of his mistakes, Anuj apologizes to Anupama for all the pain he has caused. He admits his faults and expresses his deep regret. Anupama, empathetic and forgiving by nature, feels sorry for him. Kanta and Bhavesh, another relative, offer their support to Anupama, urging her to leave the toxic environment.

Maaya’s Obsession and Anuj’s Ultimatum

As emotions run high, Maaya throws Anupama’s bags, refusing to let her go. Barkha, witnessing the chaos, acknowledges Maaya’s deteriorating mental state. Adhik, a family member, expresses relief that Kanta slapped Maaya instead of Anupama, fearing the consequences otherwise. Anuj, having reached his breaking point, warns Maaya that he will no longer tolerate her actions. He acknowledges that she is the biological mother of his foster daughter but asserts that she has crossed all limits.

An Escape to Safety

Realizing that Anupama deserves better, Kanta insists on taking her away from the toxic environment. Anupama walks away, accompanied by Kanta and Bhavesh, casting one last glance at Anuj. The poignant song “Pyar Hum Ko Bhi Hai” plays in the background, intensifying the emotional turmoil.


The recent episodes of “Anupama” have left the viewers captivated by the intricate web of emotions, conflicts, and revelations. Anupama’s journey takes an unexpected turn as she faces betrayal, confronts danger, and ultimately finds the strength to break free from toxic relationships. The audience eagerly awaits the unfolding of future events, hoping for Anupama’s safety and happiness.


  1. Will Anupama ever forgive Anuj for his mistakes? It remains uncertain whether Anupama will forgive Anuj or not. The future episodes will shed light on the intricacies of their relationship and the path they choose to follow.
  2. Is Maaya mentally unstable? Maaya’s erratic behavior and her unsettling statements hint at potential mental instability. However, it is up to the show’s narrative to delve deeper into her character.
  3. What will happen to Anupama after leaving the Shah family? Anupama’s future course of action after leaving the Shah family is yet to be revealed. The upcoming episodes will unveil the challenges and opportunities that await her.
  4. Will Maaya’s dangerous intentions put Anupama’s life at risk? The precap suggests that Maaya is determined to harm Anupama, raising concerns for her safety. The viewers will have to tune in to witness the suspenseful events that follow.
  5. Where can I watch the latest episodes of “Anupama”? You can catch the latest episodes of “Anupama” on the official broadcasting platform or through authorized streaming services.

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