Radha Mohan 2nd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan’s suspicion about Mandra


In the sacred city of Banaras, a series of events unfold, revealing hidden truths and testing the strength of relationships. Mohan finds himself entangled in a web of mystery when he stumbles upon a photograph that brings back memories of a woman named Mandra. This article explores Mohan’s journey as he seeks answers, uncovers secrets, and confronts the past. Join us on this gripping tale of emotions, rituals, and the pursuit of truth.

1. The Mysterious Photograph Resurfaces

Mohan’s tranquil evening with Radha takes an unexpected turn when he comes across a photograph of a woman named Mandra. The photo sparks memories and questions within Mohan, leaving him bewildered and curious. How is Mandra connected to his past, and why does her image disturb him?

2. A Tense Atmosphere

Ramaveshwar and Dadi, sensing Mohan’s shock, appear tense. Mohan wonders if they hold the key to the truth behind the photograph. The air is thick with anticipation and apprehension as Mohan contemplates the significance of Mandra’s presence in his life.

3. The Ritual and Mohan’s Curiosity

Amidst the emotional turmoil, Ramaveshwar engages in a ritual known as MahaSharad. He explains to the Pandit jee the traditional significance of the ritual, usually carried out by sons. However, since Radha is both his daughter and son, she must fulfill this duty. Mohan’s curiosity intensifies as he observes the ritual, hoping to find clues or answers.

4. Unveiling the Truth: Mohan Contacts Mandra

Unable to contain his curiosity, Mohan contacts Mandra, seeking to match her face with the one in the photograph. Mandra, initially reluctant and busy, promises to pay him the money owed. Mohan suggests a personal cash exchange, determined to unravel the hidden truths surrounding their connection.

5. Mandra’s Resistance and Mohan’s Determination

Mohan senses Mandra’s resistance and wonders why they are hiding the truth. He contemplates seeking answers from Ramaveshwar and Dadi but notices their deep concern. Undeterred, Mohan vows to get to the bottom of the mystery, driven by his determination to uncover the truth.

6. Mohan’s Departure to Banaras

As night falls, Mohan begins packing his bags for an official trip to Banaras. Radha pleads to accompany him, but Mohan insists she stay behind due to her impending tests. However, an ominous conversation between Damini and Kaveri suggests that Radha’s departure could have dire consequences for Gungun.

7. Radha’s Desires and Gungun’s Fate

Radha, yearning to perform a pooja on the third of July, wishes to go to Banaras with Mohan. Gungun joins in her request, but Radha remains adamant about staying back due to her tests. The tension grows as Damini and Kaveri discuss the impending danger that awaits Gungun in Radha’s absence.

8. A Sinister Plot Unfolds

In the darkness of the night, Mandra grapples with her past and the fear of Mohan discovering her secrets. She receives a call from him but dismisses it in frustration. However, Mohan’s persistent calls force her to answer, leading to a tense conversation where Mohan insists on meeting her and confronting her family.

9. Tulsi’s Warning and Damini’s Evil Intentions

Inside the room, Tulsi, Gungun’s mother, warns Damini against harming her daughter. However, Damini continues her sinister plot, urging Kaveri to hide in a drum while she herself conceals her presence in a cabinet. Radha, unaware of the impending danger, enters the room seeking a sign from Tulsi.

10. Mandra’s Triumph over the Past

Mandra revels in her belief that she has successfully buried her past, determined to change her fate. She manipulates the Pandit jee, requesting him to predict only her future. Her triumph over the past, however, may be short-lived as Mohan’s persistent calls and arrival in Banaras challenge her facade.

11. Mohan’s Unexpected Arrival in Banaras

Mohan surprises Radha with his arrival in Banaras, leading to a mix of emotions and confusion. Radha’s intuition tells her that Mohan is hiding something, creating tension and unease between them. Mohan assures Radha that they are in Banaras for a reason, hinting at impending challenges they must face together.

12. Radha’s Confusion and Mohan’s Revelation

Radha, troubled by Mohan’s mysterious behavior, confronts him as he prepares for an important call. Mohan reveals that he came to Banaras to seek answers and settle unresolved issues. Radha grows increasingly concerned about the potential problems that await them.

13. Mohan and Radha’s Divine Calling

Mohan and Radha find themselves drawn into a divine calling, one that requires them to confront the truth. As they navigate through the complexities of their relationship and the web of secrets, they discover a profound purpose that brings them closer together.

14. The Final Encounter with Mandra

In a climactic meeting, Mohan finally faces Mandra, demanding answers from her family. Despite Mandra’s initial resistance, Mohan’s determination and Radha’s unwavering support compel her to meet them. The truth unfolds, unveiling a hidden connection that challenges their beliefs and alters their destinies.

15. Conclusion

In the mystic city of Banaras, Mohan’s encounter with Radha’s past and the enigmatic Mandra leads to a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Through emotional turmoil, rituals, and a pursuit for truth, Mohan and Radha navigate the complexities of their relationships and confront the mysteries that lie beneath the surface. As they unravel secrets and face challenges, they emerge stronger, reaffirming the power of love, trust, and the unbreakable bond between them.


  1. Q: Is Mohan’s encounter with Mandra a coincidence? A: Mohan’s encounter with Mandra holds a deeper significance and is not merely a coincidence. It unravels a hidden connection that shapes the course of their lives.
  2. Q: Why does Radha want to perform the pooja in Banaras? A: Radha’s desire to perform the pooja in Banaras stems from her spiritual beliefs and a longing for divine blessings.
  3. Q: What is the significance of Tulsi’s warning? A: Tulsi’s warning serves as a cautionary message to protect her daughter, Gungun, from impending danger.
  4. Q: How does Mohan’s arrival in Banaras impact Radha? A: Mohan’s arrival in Banaras creates confusion and unease for Radha, as she senses that he is hiding something from her.
  5. Q: What is the ultimate truth that unfolds during the meeting with Mandra? A: The meeting with Mandra reveals a hidden truth that challenges their beliefs and alters their destinies, leading to profound transformations.

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