Radha Mohan 4th July 2023 Written :Episode Update: Protecting Gungun: A Mother’s Courage


In this thrilling tale, we witness the incredible strength and determination of a mother, Tulsi, as she fights to protect her daughter, Gungun, from imminent danger. The events unfold with suspense and uncertainty, capturing the essence of a mother’s love and the lengths she would go to ensure the safety of her child.

Gungun’s Dangerous Journey

Gungun, fascinated by a stray cat, starts following it towards the terrace. Concerned about the potential danger, Tulsi, her mother, desperately tries to stop her. She notices a broken railing on the terrace, which poses a significant risk of Gungun falling. Realizing the severity of the situation, Tulsi pleads with Gungun to halt her steps.

Tulsi’s Plea for Help

Overwhelmed with fear, Tulsi turns to Ba Kai Bihari jee, seeking divine intervention. She expresses her purpose for staying in this world—to protect her daughter. Feeling helpless, Tulsi prays for strength and guidance from Ba Kai Bihari jee.

The Mysterious Strength

To everyone’s surprise, Tulsi manages to close the door just in time, preventing Gungun from passing through. Damini, who witnesses the event, realizes that Tulsi possesses an extraordinary power. Kaveri, too, is astonished and concerned about their own well-being.

Guru Maa’s Intervention

Damini promptly contacts Guru Maa, the mastermind behind their malicious plans, informing her of Tulsi’s unexpected display of strength. Guru Maa pulls Tulsi aside, leaving her bewildered. Tulsi questions the strange occurrences, seeking answers from Ba Kai Bihari jee.

Tulsi’s Sacrifice

Meanwhile, Gungun desperately pleads for someone to help her open the door to save the cat from danger. Despite knowing Gungun’s worries, Tulsi remains resolute in her decision, unwilling to let any harm come to her daughter. Unexpectedly, Tulsi finds herself immobilized as her feet become tied inexplicably.

The Terrifying Fall

Gungun, unable to open the door, witnesses the cat teetering on the edge of the terrace. In a heartbreaking turn of events, she loses her grip and plummets from the balcony. Damini assumes that Gungun’s fate is sealed, believing that they are now free from the clutches of both Tulsi and Gungun.

Radha’s Heroic Act

However, fate has a different plan in store. Radha, appearing out of nowhere, manages to catch Gungun just in time, saving her from a disastrous fall. The timely arrival of Radha surprises Damini and Kaveri, leaving them in a state of shock.

A Moment of Relief

Radha’s actions bring immense relief to everyone present. Mohan, Gungun’s father, and Radha’s husband, expresses his gratitude. Damini and Kaveri, observing the turn of events, are perplexed by Radha’s sudden appearance and her heroic act.

The Plot Revealed

Radha recalls the moment when Mohan asked her to leave the car and park it while he accompanied Gungun. It was during this time that Radha witnessed Gungun heading towards the moving balcony. Fearing the worst, Radha intervened just in time, praising Ba Kai Bihari jee for guiding her.

Radha’s Fury Unleashed

Realizing the broken balcony as the cause of the incident, Radha’s anger intensifies. She locks her gaze onto Damini and Kaveri, instantly comprehending their role in the dangerous situation. Radha realizes that she has been forewarning them about the consequences of harming Gungun.

The Family’s Shock

Mohan enters the scene, witnessing Radha venting her anger on Damini and Kaveri. The rest of the family, including Kadambari, Ketki, Ajeet, Vishwaniyat, and Kaveri, are perplexed by the commotion and try to comprehend the unfolding events.

Radha’s Revenge

Radha’s fury intensifies as she continues to unleash her wrath upon Damini and Kaveri, who struggle to defend themselves. Overpowered by Radha’s relentless assault, they desperately plead for mercy, questioning Radha’s sanity. Mohan, torn between the chaos, hesitates to intervene.

The Final Stand

In the midst of the conflict, Radha proclaims that today is Gungun’s birthday and she will ensure the safety of her daughter at all costs. She firmly believes that Damini and Kaveri must pay for their heinous actions. Overwhelmed by emotions, Damini and Kaveri resort to fear, realizing the gravity of their own deeds.


In this gripping narrative, we witness the depth of a mother’s love and the incredible lengths she will go to protect her child. Tulsi’s unwavering determination and Radha’s timely intervention showcase the strength of familial bonds. As the story unfolds, the plot thickens, leaving us captivated by the courage and resilience exhibited by these characters.


Q1. How did Tulsi manage to stop Gungun from going out?

Tulsi displayed a mysterious strength, which temporarily immobilized Gungun and prevented her from opening the door.

Q2. Who saved Gungun from falling off the balcony?

Radha, Gungun’s stepmother, miraculously caught her just in time, averting a tragedy.

Q3. Why did Damini and Kaveri want to harm Gungun?

Damini and Kaveri had sinister intentions and sought to eliminate Gungun and Tulsi from their lives.

Q4. How did Radha discover Damini and Kaveri’s plan?

Radha witnessed Gungun heading towards the dangerous balcony and realized Damini and Kaveri’s involvement.

Q5. What is the significance of Ba Kai Bihari jee in the story?

Ba Kai Bihari jee is a divine entity to whom Tulsi prays for strength and protection for her daughter.

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