Anupama 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Journey: Overcoming Emotional Turmoil and Pursuing Her Dreams.


In the popular TV series “Anupama,” we witness the emotional journey of the show’s protagonist, Anupama, as she faces numerous challenges in her personal and professional life. In the latest episode, titled “Anupama reads Gurumaa’s message to reach gurukul soon and replies that she is coming,” we see Anupama preparing to embark on a new chapter in her life. This article will delve into the significant moments of this episode, highlighting the emotional turmoil faced by Anupama and her determination to overcome obstacles. Join us as we explore Anupama’s journey of self-discovery, resilience, and the pursuit of her dreams.

Anupama 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama's Journey: Overcoming Emotional Turmoil and Pursuing Her Dreams.

An Emotional Burden

Anupama’s Decision to Join Gurukul

Anupama receives a message from Gurumaa, urging her to reach the gurukul soon. Anupama, understanding Gurumaa’s expectations, decides to respond positively. However, this decision is not without its emotional burden. She confides in Kanta, who assists her in packing her bags for the journey. During this process, Bhavesh questions the excessive luggage and expresses concern about Anupama’s ability to carry it. Kanta explains that Anupama is not just burdened with physical baggage but also overwhelmed by a mountain of emotions. Anupama’s fear for her daughter, Little Anu/CA’s condition, adds to her emotional weight.

Support from Unexpected Quarters

Despite the emotional challenges, Anupama finds solace in the fact that her ex-in-laws, who were once her biggest hurdles, are now supporting her. Bhavesh’s assurance that Anu’s well-being will be taken care of during her absence brings relief to Anupama. This newfound support signifies a significant turning point in her journey.

Anupama at Gurukul

Gurumaa’s Expectations

Upon reaching gurukul, Anupama is tasked with various responsibilities by Gurumaa. She is asked to check props, accounts, and more. Anupama understands that Gurumaa wants her to be in the forefront, proving her worth and commitment. Anupama assures Gurumaa that she will never break her trust, acknowledging her current situation but determined to overcome it.

The Burden of Past Traumas

As Anupama sets her sights on fulfilling her responsibilities, memories of past traumas flood her mind. She recalls the panic attack experienced by her daughter, CA, and her dying mother, Maaya’s, demand for apologies before her passing. The mental state of Anuj, a person significant to Anupama, also haunts her. These memories serve as a reminder of the emotional baggage she carries.

The Ticking Clock

With only 11 hours left before her flight, Anupama feels the pressure to accomplish everything swiftly. Gurumaa acknowledges the challenges Anupama faces, emphasizing how the world tries to pull them down when they aspire to soar. Anupama is left with a critical decision – whether to succumb to the forces that hold her back or continue moving forward, despite the risks.

CA’s Deteriorating Condition

A Child in Distress

Meanwhile, back at Anupama’s home, CA’s condition deteriorates. CA yearns for her mother’s presence, feeling abandoned and alone. The Kapadia family, including Anuj, does their best to comfort the distressed child. Adhik shares his own experience of being left alone as a child, highlighting the importance of emotional support over medicinal intervention. The family realizes that only Anupama can provide the solace their child needs.

The Kapoor Household in Turmoil

Samar’s Workshop Dilemma

Dimpy informs Vanraj that Samar has traveled to Mumbai for a workshop. Vanraj’s anger flares upon hearing the news, as he believes Samar should have stayed behind considering Anupama’s imminent departure. Dimpy defends Samar’s actions, explaining their financial need and the opportunity the workshop presented. Tensions rise as Dimpy clashes with Leela, ultimately reminding her to maintain decorum. Kinjal enters the scene and proposes a video call between Samar and Anupama to bridge the distance, revealing her deep emotional connection with Anupama.

Anupama’s Indelible Impact

As the Kapoor family members discuss Samar’s proposal, they reflect on the ways Anupama has supported and uplifted each of them individually. Leela expresses her concerns about managing without Anupama, prompting an emotional response from everyone present. Despite the pain of separation, they agree to bid Anupama a cheerful farewell, hiding their sorrow behind smiles. Kavya, Vanraj’s partner, declares her intention to accompany Anupama to the airport, determined to support her. The countdown begins, with only 9 hours remaining until Anupama’s departure.

Anupama’s Last Preparations

Nervous Anticipation

As the clock ticks away, Anupama engages Nakul in organizing the jewelry boxes and queries if any tasks remain incomplete. Nakul assures her that everything else has been taken care of. Anupama checks her mobile phone, contemplating whether she should call Anuj to inquire about CA’s condition. Gurumaa notices her restlessness, sensing the emotional turmoil she is experiencing.

A Mother’s Concern

On the other end, Pakhi suggests to Anuj that they should inform Anupama about CA’s worsening condition. Anuj receives a message from Anupama, inquiring about CA’s well-being. Assured by Anuj’s response that CA is peacefully sleeping, Anupama acknowledges Nakul as her younger brother, giving him the freedom to express his thoughts. Nakul shares his concerns about Anupama’s peaceful stay in the USA, considering CA’s condition. Anupama acknowledges the difficulty of being away from family at her age but resolves to manage. Nakul, filled with love and support, assures her of his unwavering support.

The Final Countdown

As the hours dwindle, Anupama and Nakul rush to pack their belongings. With only 7 hours left until their airport departure, the sense of urgency intensifies. Anupama is determined to overcome the emotional burden and fulfill her commitment to Gurumaa.


Anupama’s journey is filled with emotional challenges, resilience, and the pursuit of her dreams. Despite the burden of past traumas and the distressing condition of her daughter, CA, Anupama remains determined to move forward. The support of her ex-in-laws and the unwavering love of her family serve as pillars of strength. As Anupama takes her first steps toward a new life at gurukul, the countdown to her departure weighs heavily on everyone’s hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Will Anupama’s departure affect CA’s condition? A: While Anupama’s absence might have an impact on CA, her family is committed to providing the emotional support needed to help her through this challenging time.
  2. Q: How will the Kapoor family cope without Anupama? A: TheKapoor family acknowledges the void Anupama’s absence will create but is determined to support each other and adapt to the new circumstances.
  3. Q: What role does Gurumaa play in Anupama’s journey? A: Gurumaa serves as Anupama’s guiding force, pushing her to confront her fears and prove her worth. She believes in Anupama’s potential and trusts her to fulfill her responsibilities.
  4. Q: Will Anupama be able to overcome her emotional baggage? A: Anupama’s journey is a testament to her strength and resilience. Although the emotional baggage is significant, her determination and support from loved ones will aid her in navigating through it.
  5. Q: How will Anupama’s decision impact her relationship with Anuj? A: Anupama’s decision to pursue her dreams may strain her relationship with Anuj. However, true love and understanding often find a way to weather the storms of life.

    In conclusion, Anupama’s journey is one of self-discovery, overcoming emotional turmoil, and pursuing her dreams. Despite the challenges and emotional burdens she faces, she remains determined to move forward. As she takes her flight to gurukul, the countdown begins for a new chapter in her life.

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