Anupama 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shahs Learn About Little Anu/CA’s Panic Attack: An Emotional Turning Point


In the recent turn of events, the Shah family faces an unexpected challenge as Little Anu, also known as CA, experiences a panic attack. This incident leads to a series of revelations and discussions within the family, ultimately questioning their actions and decisions. As emotions run high, the dynamics between the Shahs and the Kapadias take center stage, highlighting the impact of relationships and the importance of self-reflection. Let’s delve into the details and understand the sequence of events that unfold during this critical period.

Anupama 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shahs Learn About Little Anu/CA’s Panic Attack: An Emotional Turning Point

1. Understanding the Panic Attack

The episode begins with Little Anu, also known as CA, experiencing a sudden and distressing panic attack. This incident sends shockwaves through the Shah family, leaving them concerned and uncertain about the cause of the attack. The family members gather, attempting to make sense of the situation and find a solution to help CA.

2. The Concerned Questions

Kavya, Vanraj’s partner, seeks answers regarding the circumstances that led to CA falling unconscious. Leela, an elder member of the family, confesses that she anticipated Anuj’s inability to handle the situation alone and therefore called Anupama, who has been known to handle such situations effectively. Toshu, another family member, expresses his disapproval of Anuj’s decision to involve Anupama. Kinjal, Toshu’s wife, points out that it was Pakhi who called Anupama in the first place. The discussion intensifies as each family member shares their perspective on the matter.

3. The Role of Anupama

Leela strongly believes that Anupama is the only one capable of handling CA effectively. Vanraj interjects, highlighting the fact that Anuj adopted CA and distanced himself from Anupama. Vanraj suggests that if Anuj had taken responsibility for CA, the situation would not have escalated to this extent. Kinjal counters Vanraj’s argument by reminding him that they too have sought Anupama’s help in the past, implying that both families are responsible for their actions and should acknowledge that Anupama has a life of her own. Leela counters Kinjal’s point, asserting that a mother’s worry for her child is limitless. Dimpy suggests discussing the matter further in the morning, as everyone is emotionally drained and needs rest.

4. Different Perspectives

As emotions run high, it becomes evident that both the Shahs and the Kapadias have made mistakes in the past. The time has come for them to recognize the need to empathize with Anupama’s desires and aspirations. Vanraj acknowledges this, urging everyone to understand that Anupama deserves to prioritize her own needs. Leela, however, insists that a mother’s love and concern for her child cannot be easily set aside.

5. Vanraj’s Regret

Dimpy’s words resonate with Vanraj, making him reflect on his own actions. Vanraj acknowledges that he, too, has hindered Anupama’s growth and independence in the past. He regrets his past behavior and urges everyone to learn from their mistakes, emphasizing the importance of supporting Anupama in pursuing her own dreams and aspirations.

6. Shahs and Kapadias: A Shared Responsibility

The discussion highlights that both families have made errors in judgment, affecting Anupama’s life and choices. It becomes evident that they must collectively acknowledge their shortcomings and provide Anupama with the freedom she deserves. The conversation takes a contemplative turn, as each family member contemplates the impact of their actions on Anupama’s life.

7. Anupama’s Need for Self-Care

The need for Anupama to prioritize her own well-being and happiness becomes a significant point of discussion. As the conversation progresses, the family members begin to understand the importance of allowing Anupama to make decisions for herself and pursue her dreams. They realize that Anupama deserves to be selfish in the best possible way, focusing on her own growth and fulfillment.

8. The Unyielding Worry of a Mother

Leela interjects, reiterating that a mother’s concern for her child will never diminish. She argues that Anupama’s love and care for CA are unparalleled, and no one else can handle the situation with the same level of understanding and compassion. The family members, although contemplating the need for Anupama’s self-care, empathize with Leela’s point of view.

9. Dimpy’s Suggestion

Dimpy proposes that they adjourn the discussion and rest for the night. However, Kinjal raises a valid concern, pointing out that sleep seems elusive given the circumstances. Dimpy, in a lighthearted manner, suggests the idea of a night-long vigil, suggesting that they all stay awake to support one another through this challenging period.

10. A Sleepless Night

The family members decide to embrace Dimpy’s suggestion and embark on a night-long vigil. The night unfolds with conversations, moments of silence, and occasional emotional outbursts. As the night progresses, the family members come to appreciate the strength of their bond and the need for unity during trying times.

11. Vanraj’s Revelations

During the night-long vigil, Vanraj confides in Kavya about Anuj’s ulterior motives. He reveals that Anuj is purposefully summoning Anupama repeatedly, using CA as a means to keep her from leaving for the USA. Vanraj’s confession stems from his own experiences, as he realizes that he had done the same in the past. Anuj’s emotional manipulation and attempt to thwart Anupama’s aspirations evoke Vanraj’s concern.

12. Anupama’s Determination

Anupama pleads with CA to wake up, showcasing her unwavering determination to save her beloved child. The other family members witness this heartfelt display of love and are inspired by Anupama’s resilience. Barkha, a family acquaintance, is amazed by CA’s reaction to Anupama’s presence, which suggests that CA might have heard their previous conversation.

13. The Miracle of Anupama’s Touch

Anupama uses her motherly touch to comfort CA, singing a lullaby that has always brought solace to her child. To everyone’s surprise, CA responds by opening her eyes and calling Anma. This heartwarming moment solidifies the belief that a mother’s love has the power to heal and revive.

14. Anuj’s Gratitude

Anuj expresses his gratitude to Anupama for her remarkable ability to handle CA’s condition. He acknowledges her role in bringing CA back from the brink and asks Anupama to take a moment for herself and freshen up while he stays with CA. Anupama, touched by Anuj’s words, reluctantly agrees to his request.

15. Gurumaa’s Urgency

Meanwhile, Gurumaa, accompanied by Nakul, travels to the gurukul in her car. She emphasizes the importance of Anupama reaching the USA without delay, as her financial security and reputation are at stake. Gurumaa repeatedly tries to contact Anupama, but Anuj deliberately avoids her calls, much to her frustration.


The recent turn of events has taken the Shah family on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The panic attack experienced by Little Anu, or CA, has become a turning point in their lives. The incident has prompted introspection, as each family member reflects on their actions and the impact they have had on Anupama’s life. The need for Anupama’s self-care and pursuit of her dreams has come to the forefront, challenging the traditional roles and expectations placed upon her. As the family prepares for Anupama’s departure to the USA, they must confront the difficult choice she now faces between her own aspirations and the responsibilities that bind her. The clock is ticking, and the Shah family must rally together to ensure Anupama’s journey is not hindered by any obstacles.


1. Will Anupama be able to go to the USA?

Anupama’s journey to the USA hangs in the balance. With the support of her family, she must navigate the challenges and make a decision that aligns with her dreams and aspirations.

2. What is the significance of Anupama’s relationship with CA?

Anupama’s bond with CA goes beyond a typical mother-daughter relationship. CA’s illness has showcased the depth of their connection and Anupama’s unwavering dedication to her child.

3. How do the Shahs and Kapadias respond to the situation?

The Shahs and Kapadias are forced to confront their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions. They realize that their choices have affected Anupama’s life and resolve to support her in pursuing her own happiness.

4. Will Gurumaa succeed in her efforts to reach Anupama?

Gurumaa’s urgency to connect with Anupama hints at potential complications. The obstacles she faces on her quest to reach Anupama create a sense of suspense and uncertainty.

5. What challenges lie ahead for Anupama?

As the clock ticks and the departure time draws near, Anupama must overcome any hurdles that come her way. The journey to the USA holds both opportunities and obstacles, testing her resilience and determination.

In conclusion, the recent events surrounding Little Anu/CA’s panic attack have shaken the Shah family to its core. Through this article, we have explored the emotional journey of the characters and the challenges they face. It is evident that Anupama’s departure to the USA is not a simple decision but one that involves deep introspection and the support of her loved ones. As the story unfolds, the Shah family must confront their own shortcomings and learn from past mistakes, ultimately allowing Anupama to pursue her dreams while balancing her responsibilities. The coming episodes promise further twists and turns, keeping viewers captivated as they witness Anupama’s journey unfold.

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