Radha Mohan 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update:Unraveling the Mystery: Gungun’s Abduction and Damini’s Scheme


In this article, we delve into the gripping storyline surrounding Gungun’s abduction and the unfolding events that follow. We witness the distress of a young girl who finds herself at the mercy of an unknown captor, while also exploring the intricate web of secrets and deceit spun by Damini. Join us on this suspenseful journey as we uncover the truth and the motives behind these perplexing events.

The Start of a Nightmare

Gungun finds herself bound to a chair, desperately struggling to break free. Confusion and fear grip her as she demands to be released and questions her captor’s identity. Abdu, the mysterious figure, angrily knocks the chair over, leaving Gungun stunned and bewildered. She pleads for an explanation, expressing her desire to return home to her family, including Radha and Mohan, who eagerly await her safe return.

Radha’s Revelation

In a separate setting, Radha shares her shocking discovery with Damini and others present. She presents evidence of an inexplicable incident involving a candle. To everyone’s astonishment, the supposedly damaged candle remains perfectly intact. The family is left puzzled, unable to comprehend the situation. Damini, however, realizes the gravity of the situation and the need to stay one step ahead of Radha.

Damini’s Calculated Moves

Damini contemplates her next move, aware that Radha may expose the truth to everyone. She plans to undermine Radha’s efforts by strategically placing a fresh candle and erasing any evidence of the previous incident. As tensions rise, Radha accuses Damini of orchestrating the harm to Gungun, claiming that Damini cannot hide the truth without proof. Kaveri, the matriarch of the family, intervenes, urging both Radha and Damini to set aside their differences and focus on finding Gungun together.

Abdu’s Sinister Intentions

Meanwhile, Gungun remains in Abdu’s custody, desperately pleading for her release. Abdu, with a malevolent smile, accuses Gungun of causing harm to Damini and her father, blaming her for their troubles. He subjects her to psychological torment, placing an apple on her head and aiming a crossbow at her. Fear consumes Gungun as Abdu prepares to shoot the arrow. The tension reaches its peak as Gungun screams, but Abdu’s intentions remain unclear.

Gungun’s Brave Escape

In a surprising turn of events, Gungun summons her inner strength and fights back against Abdu. She manages to overpower him, leaving him incapacitated on the floor. Gungun seizes the opportunity to escape, torn between her compassionate nature and the realization that Abdu poses a threat. With courage and determination, she chooses to help him, guided by the moral lessons imparted by Radha.

Damini’s Connection with Guru Maa

Amidst the chaos, Damini receives a call from Guru Maa, a person with whom she shares a secretive alliance. Guru Maa chastises Damini for acting independently and orchestrating Gungun’s abduction without her knowledge. Guru Maa warns Damini of dire consequences if she fails to fulfill her sinister plan before midnight. Damini suspects that Guru Maa may have a hidden camera in their house, raising further suspicions about her true intentions.

Radha’s Determination

Radha, growing increasingly suspicious of Damini, intercepts her phone and discovers the call from Guru Maa. She struggles to unlock the device, eventually succeeding with a photo-based password. Radha realizes that Damini has been in contact with Guru Maa, the very person Tulsi had tried to warn her about. Overwhelmed by confusion, Radha questions the true nature of Damini’s involvement in Gungun’s abduction.

The Final Twist

As the mystery deepens, the story takes an unexpected turn. The stage is set for a dramatic climax, with Radha determined to uncover the truth and rescue Gungun. Damini’s actions and motives remain shrouded in secrecy, leaving the readers eager to discover the final revelation.


The tale of Gungun’s abduction and Damini’s sinister scheme unfolds with gripping intensity. The reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, experiencing the fear, confusion, and determination of the characters involved. With Radha’s relentless pursuit for answers, the truth inches closer, promising an explosive resolution. As the story nears its climax, we anticipate the final twist that will shed light on the tangled web of deceit and the ultimate fate of Gungun.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: Will Gungun manage to escape from Abdu’s clutches? A: Gungun’s courageous spirit may hold the key to her liberation.
  2. Q: What is Damini’s connection to Guru Maa? A: Damini’s secret alliance with Guru Maa raises suspicions about her true intentions.
  3. Q: Will Radha uncover the truth behind Gungun’s abduction? A: Radha’s determination to find answers may lead her to the startling truth.
  4. Q: How will the family overcome the conflict between Radha and Damini? A: The family must set aside their differences and work together to bring Gungun home.
  5. Q: What awaits us in the final twist of the story? A: The final revelation promises to unravel the secrets and deliver a shocking conclusion.

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