Anupama 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Doctor Tells Anuj about CA’s Condition: An Emotional Twist in Anupama’s Journey


In the popular television show “Anupama,” a significant turn of events occurs when Anuj learns about CA’s deteriorating condition. This revelation puts Anupama’s departure and her journey at stake, creating a whirlwind of emotions among the characters. As the story unfolds, the viewers are left in suspense, eagerly waiting to see how the situation unfolds. In this article, we will delve into the emotional turmoil faced by the characters and the impact it has on Anupama’s journey.

Doctor Tells Anuj about CA's Condition: An Emotional Twist in Anupama's Journey

The Distressing News

Anuj is devastated when the doctor informs him that CA’s condition has worsened. The doctor reveals that he had given Little Anu, also known as CA, a hypnotic injection to make her sleep. However, they cannot continue relying on this approach and need to find a way to get the child out of shock soon. The news deeply affects Anuj, and he finds himself torn between the well-being of his daughter and his feelings for Anupama.

Pakhi’s Concern

Pakhi, who witnesses Anuj’s anguish, suggests that he should call Anupama for support. She believes that Anupama’s presence could make a significant difference in this critical situation. Anuj, however, expresses his hesitation, stating that he doesn’t want to become a hurdle in Anupama’s journey. With only seven hours remaining until Anupama’s flight, Pakhi realizes the urgency of the situation.

The Crucial Seven Hours

Gurumaa, who is observing the turn of events, understands the importance of the next seven hours. The fate of Anuj, Anupama, and CA seems to hang in the balance. Anupama, on the other hand, reflects on the significance of the number seven—seven pheras and seven oaths taken during a marriage to support each other for seven lives. Despite this, she firmly believes that she will separate from Anuj in seven hours.

Anupama’s Homecoming

Anupama returns home, where she is greeted by Kanta, who has packed all her belongings after much contemplation. Bhavesh lightens the atmosphere with a joke about middle-class families making last-minute preparations for train journeys. Kanta shares her concerns about excess baggage, urging Anupama to leave behind any emotional burdens. Anupama updates Kanta about Bhairavi, who is currently at the gurukul, and expresses her desire to head directly to the airport with Nakul and Gurumaa. Before freshening up, she bids an emotional farewell to Kanta and Bhavesh.

Anuj’s Turmoil

Overwhelmed by CA’s condition, Anuj’s emotions get the better of him. He walks away, leaving Ankush curious about his whereabouts. Meanwhile, Anupama prepares for her departure and requests Kanta to serve her tea before she leaves, as time is running out. Leela and the rest of the family arrive, intending to give Anupama a joyous send-off. Amidst heartfelt conversations, they express how much they will miss her. Anupama savors the tea and cherishes the moment, fully aware that she won’t be able to enjoy Leela’s tea once she reaches the USA. Her anticipation heightens as she waits for Anuj’s call.

Anuj’s Desperation

Unable to bear CA’s condition, Anuj breaks down. Ankush attempts to console him, but the weight of Maaya’s death, CA’s critical state, and Anupama’s imminent departure becomes too much for him to handle. Anuj experiences an anxiety attack, venting his frustration by breaking things. Ankush and Adhik do their best to calm him down. Adhik suggests informing Anupama about CA’s condition, fearing that Anuj won’t be able to handle everything on his own. However, Anuj resolutely refuses, determined not to become a hindrance to Anupama’s success.

Anupama’s Worries

As Anupama performs a ritual with her family and sings aarti, her thoughts are consumed by CA’s well-being. The doctor continues to treat CA, while Barkha instructs Pakhi to accompany Anupama during her departure. Anuj pleads with Pakhi not to inform Anupama about CA’s condition, fearing the impact it might have on her journey. Ankush expresses his concern, worried that Pakhi might not be able to contain her emotions in front of Anupama. Anupama prays for the safety and happiness of each family member, her heart heavy with worry for CA.


The recent turn of events in “Anupama” has taken the storyline to new emotional heights. Anuj’s distress over CA’s condition and his determination not to disrupt Anupama’s journey has created an intense and suspenseful atmosphere. As Anupama’s departure draws closer, the viewers are left wondering how this emotional rollercoaster will unfold and if Anuj’s sacrifice will bear fruit. The future of the characters hangs in the balance, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next episodes.


1. Will Anupama find out about CA’s condition?

  • The show has left viewers in suspense regarding whether Anupama will learn about CA’s condition. Stay tuned to find out!

2. How will Anuj handle the situation alone?

  • Anuj is determined to take care of CA by himself, despite the challenges he faces. His resolve will be tested as the story progresses.

3. What impact will Anuj’s decision have on Anupama’s journey?

  • Anuj’s reluctance to burden Anupama with CA’s condition adds a layer of complexity to her journey. It remains to be seen how this decision will shape their future.

4. How will Pakhi cope with the emotional turmoil?

  • Pakhi, who deeply cares for Anupama and CA, finds herself caught in an emotional whirlwind. How she handles her emotions will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

5. What lies ahead for Anupama and Anuj?

  • As Anupama’s departure looms, the fate of her relationship with Anuj hangs in the balance. The viewers are left wondering if they can overcome the challenges they face.

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