Anupama 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update:Kinjal asks what happened? Anupama’s Farewell


In the popular Indian television drama series “Anupama,” viewers are captivated by the emotional journey of Anupama, a resilient woman who faces numerous challenges in her life. In a recent episode, a farewell scene unfolds, tugging at the heartstrings of the audience. This article provides a detailed account of the heartwarming moments leading up to Anupama’s departure, her emotional exchanges with loved ones, and the uncertainties that lie ahead.

1. The Setting: Anupama’s Departure

Amidst a backdrop of mixed emotions, Anupama prepares to embark on a new chapter in her life. The scene is set at the airport, where loved ones gather to bid her farewell. An atmosphere of anticipation and nostalgia fills the air as Anupama embraces her loved ones for the last time before boarding the flight.

2. An Unexpected Encounter: Pakhi’s Cry for Help

Just as Anupama is about to leave, Pakhi rushes towards her, tears streaming down her face. Concerned, Anupama inquires about the reason for her distress. However, Pakhi remains silent, torn between her loyalty to Anupama and the secrets she has been entrusted with.

3. An Emotional Reunion: Anupama’s Assurances

Anupama, filled with maternal love, reassures Pakhi that she will always be there for her. She consoles Pakhi, ensuring her that everything will be fine, even in her absence. Anupama’s warm embrace and comforting words provide solace to Pakhi, strengthening their bond.

4. A Daughter’s Promise: Pakhi’s Transformation

Pakhi, deeply moved by Anupama’s imminent departure, pledges to become a responsible and caring daughter. She expresses regret for her past behavior, acknowledging her mistakes and seeking forgiveness. Determined to grow, Pakhi promises to fulfill her responsibilities and make her mother proud.

5. Apologies and Gratitude: A Bittersweet Exchange

In a heartfelt conversation, Pakhi apologizes to Anupama for any pain she may have caused, acknowledging her previous misunderstandings and taking her for granted. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Pakhi expresses her heartfelt appreciation for Anupama’s unwavering love and support.

6. Parting Words: Anupama’s Farewell

As Anupama prepares to leave, she bids a tearful goodbye to her family, friends, and well-wishers. She shares warm moments of affection, assuring them that she will cherish their memories and stay connected despite the physical distance.

7. Anxious Moments: Anuj’s Attempt to Pacify Choti Anu

Meanwhile, Anuj faces challenges in managing Choti Anu’s distress. The young girl becomes restless, demanding her mother’s presence. Anuj struggles to console Choti Anu while maintaining a sense of calm and stability.

8. Words of Wisdom: Vanraj’s Encouragement

Vanraj, realizing Anupama’s apprehension, shares words of wisdom with her. Drawing from his past experiences, he advises Anupama to focus on her dreams, letting go of any negative thoughts. Vanraj’s encouragement helps Anupama find the strength to overcome her anxieties.

9. A Mother’s Concern: Anupama’s Dilemma

Despite the emotional support she receives, Anupama remains concerned about her daughter’s well-being. She worries about Choti Anu’s ability to cope without her presence and the challenges Anuj will face in her absence. Anupama’s motherly instincts weigh heavily on her mind.

10. Mixed Emotions: Family Farewells

As Anupama reaches the airport, she observes other mothers bidding farewell to their daughters, triggering a mix of emotions within her. The sight serves as a poignant reminder of the bond she shares with her own family and the sacrifices they have made.

11. Anupama’s Journey Begins: A Symbolic Sign

Just as Anupama contemplates her departure, a signboard displaying the word “STOP” falls in front of her, momentarily halting her progress. The incident leaves Anupama contemplating the significance of the moment and the choices she has made.

12. Farewell Wishes: Vanraj’s Support

Amidst the bittersweet farewell, Vanraj expresses his final wishes to Anupama, encouraging her to pursue her dreams fearlessly. He presents her with a paper plane, symbolizing her journey and the hope for a smooth takeoff into her new life.

13. An Unexpected Interruption: Anuj’s Call

As Anupama proceeds with her departure, she receives a call from Anuj. Worried and unable to hear his voice clearly, Anupama’s anxiety intensifies. The uncertainty of the situation hangs in the air as she desperately tries to reconnect.

14. A Heartfelt Conversation: Anupama’s Fears

Anuj’s call becomes a brief window of connection, enabling Anupama to express her concerns. She conveys her worries about leaving her loved ones behind and her fear of the unknown. Anupama’s vulnerability shines through, creating an emotional connection with the viewers.

15. The Final Goodbye: Gurumaa’s Arrival

Just as Anupama’s departure seems imminent, Gurumaa, a pivotal character, arrives at the scene. Her unexpected presence adds a layer of intrigue, leaving viewers curious about the impact she may have on Anupama’s journey.


The farewell episode of “Anupama” encapsulates a range of emotions, as viewers witness the heartfelt exchanges between Anupama and her loved ones. The departure marks a significant turning point in Anupama’s life, filled with uncertainty and hope. As the story unfolds, audiences eagerly await the next chapter in Anupama’s journey, curious to discover what lies ahead.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: Why is Anupama leaving in the show? A: Anupama is leaving to pursue her dreams and embark on a new chapter in her life.
  2. Q: What challenges does Anuj face in handling Choti Anu? A: Anuj struggles to console Choti Anu, who becomes restless and demands her mother’s presence.
  3. Q: How does Vanraj support Anupama during her farewell? A: Vanraj offers words of encouragement, advising Anupama to focus on her dreams and overcome her anxieties.
  4. Q: Who is Gurumaa, and what role does she play in the farewell episode? A: Gurumaa is a significant character whose arrival adds intrigue to the storyline. Her impact on Anupama’s journey is yet to be revealed.
  5. Q: What emotions does Anupama experience during her departure? A: Anupama experiences a mix of emotions, including nostalgia, worry for her loved ones, and the excitement of starting a new chapter in her life.

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