Anupama 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama bid farewell to the Shah family before heading to the airport

Anupama bid farewell to the Shah family before heading to the airport. She looked around for Anuj, and Vanraj gestured for her to proceed. As she made her way, she was overcome with emotion when she saw a young girl crying and desperately pleading with her mother not to leave her alone. In that moment, Anupama imagined herself alongside a younger version of herself, Choti Anu or CA, and felt the urge to call Anuj. However, Gurumaa swiftly snatched her phone away, reminding her that she should complete the check-in process first. They couldn’t afford any delays since Nakul was facing visa issues. Anupama presented her documents to the officer, while Gurumaa pondered that the motherly side of Anupama was causing a hesitation within her. Nevertheless, Gurumaa believed it was important to be tough on Anupama for her own growth. Meanwhile, CA continued to demand Anupama’s presence, losing control and eventually running and falling down. Anupama sensed that something was amiss. Meanwhile, Anuj grew anxious upon seeing CA bleeding, but the doctor reassured him that it was only a minor cut and treated her. Anuj debated whether he should call Anupama or not, fearing that she might have already completed the check-out process.

The officer examined Anupama’s passport and inquired if her children had called her to the USA. Anupama responded that it was her own efforts that were taking her to the USA to fulfill her dreams. Impressed by her determination, the officer praised her and encouraged her to never give up until she achieved her dreams. After completing the check-in, Anupama informed Gurumaa and prepared to board the flight. Just then, Anuj called her and expressed his desire to tell her something important. An apprehensive Anupama nervously asked him what it was, suspecting that he had something else on his mind. After a long pause, Anuj finally confessed his love for her. Anupama, sensing that he wanted to say something more, reassured him that she understood. Anuj expressed how much he would miss her and advised her to take care of herself and fulfill her dreams. Suddenly, Anupama heard CA shouting for her, and Anuj abruptly ended the call. Panicked, Anupama tried to redial his number, but then the flight announcement was made. Gurumaa urged Anupama to come along as they needed to proceed with the boarding process. Anuj hoped that Anupama hadn’t heard CA’s voice and hoped that her flight would take off smoothly.

Back at home, the Shah family anxiously checked their watches. Kinjal speculated that Anupama’s flight must have already departed, a sentiment echoed by Vanraj while he drove, assuring Toshu of the same. Anupama envisioned CA pleading with her not to leave, while Gurumaa urged her to hurry since the announcement had already been made. Anupama walked towards her seat, feeling anxious as CA’s voice echoed in her ears. The air hostess asked for her boarding pass, which she presented, allowing her to board the flight. As she settled in, she noticed another child crying and imagined herself comforting CA. Gurumaa informed Anupama that Nakul, Bhairavi, and others were in the economy class and helped her fasten her seatbelt. Anupama couldn’t help but recall CA’s plea and Anuj’s words as the flight took off.

Meanwhile, Ankush asked Anuj if Anupama’s flight had departed, and Anuj confirmed that it had. Ankush reassured him that Anupama hadn’t heard CA’s voice, alleviating Anuj’s unnecessary worries. In response, Anuj recited a poignant poem, signifying that he felt he had lost everything with Anupama’s departure.

In the precap, Anupama returned home and revealed that she couldn’t bring herself to leave her bebli (affectionate term for CA). Gurumaa questioned whether Anupama had only remembered her role as a mother and not her. Anupama humbly touched Gurumaa’s feet, apologizing to her. However, instead of forgiveness, Gurumaa slapped her and declared that she would never forgive her, issuing a challenge to destroy her life.

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