Anupama 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Hasmukh come back to Home

Meta Description: Follow the emotional journey of Anupama as she bids farewell to her family and embarks on her journey to fulfill her dreams in the USA. However, a turn of events leads to unforeseen challenges for both Anupama and her loved ones.

Introduction: Anupama’s departure from the Shah family leaves an emotional void as she sets off on a new chapter in her life. This article delves into the moments leading up to her departure, the concerns of her family, and the unexpected events that unfold in her absence.

  1. An Emotional Goodbye: As Anupama waves goodbye to the Shah family at the airport, emotions run high. She looks for Anuj, her love interest, who signals her to proceed. Witnessing a girl pleading with her mother not to leave her alone, Anupama’s heartstrings are tugged, reminding her of her own daughter, Choti Anu (CA).
  2. Challenges Before Departure: Amidst the emotional turmoil, Anupama tries to call Anuj, but her phone is snatched by Gurumaa, who emphasizes the need to complete the check-in process promptly. Anupama complies, displaying determination to fulfill her dreams, even though her motherly instincts weigh heavy on her.
  3. An Unexpected Incident: CA’s desperate cries intensify, and she loses control, resulting in a fall. Anuj, witnessing this mishap, panics and seeks medical assistance. Fortunately, it is revealed to be only a minor cut, but the incident adds to the already heightened emotions.
  4. Anuj’s Heartfelt Confession: While Anupama navigates the airport formalities, Anuj seizes the opportunity to express his feelings. With a nervous pause, he confesses his love for her. Anupama, sensing there’s more, encourages him to share his true thoughts. Anuj then expresses how much he will miss her, urging her to take care and pursue her dreams.
  5. Anupama’s Departure: As Anupama anxiously redials Anuj’s number, the flight announcement echoes through the airport. Gurumaa insists that she boards the flight, and Anuj hopes that she hasn’t heard CA’s distressing cries. The flight takes off, marking a significant moment in Anupama’s journey.
  6. Anuj’s Struggle and Shah Family’s Concern: Back home, the Shah family anxiously awaits news of Anupama’s departure. Kinjal speculates that her flight has already taken off, leaving the family concerned about how they will manage without her. Vanraj and Kavya share their worries about Anuj’s responsibility in handling CA’s needs.
  7. Anuj’s Inner Turmoil: Anuj wakes up the next morning, longing for Anupama’s support in taking care of CA. Ankush informs him of Hasmukh’s return, and upon meeting his father-in-law, Anuj breaks down, finding solace in his presence. Hasmukh assures Anuj that everything will be alright.
  8. CA’s Questions and Adjustments: As CA eagerly asks about her mother, Kavya steps in, explaining that Anupama is at a strict gurukul for an event. CA accepts this explanation, and the family tries their best to provide her with the motherly love she craves. Vanraj suggests temporarily taking CA to the Shah house, where she can bond with other family members.
  9. An Emotional Reunion: Anupama returns home unexpectedly, unable to leave CA behind. However, her actions anger Gurumaa, who questions Anupama’s priorities. An emotional confrontation ensues, resulting in Gurumaa slapping Anupama and vowing to ruin her life.

Conclusion: Anupama’s departure marks a significant turning point for both her and the Shah family. As they grapple with the challenges of separation and adjusting to a new dynamic, the emotional journey continues. How will Anupama handle the aftermath of her decision, and what impact will it have on her relationship with Anuj and her family? Only time will tell.


  1. Why did Anupama leave her family? Anupama left her family to pursue her dreams in the USA. She felt it was essential to fulfill her aspirations and showcase her abilities.
  2. What challenges did Anuj face in Anupama’s absence? Anuj faced the responsibility of taking care of Choti Anu (CA) on his own. He struggled emotionally, longing for Anupama’s support in raising their daughter.
  3. How did the Shah family cope without Anupama? The Shah family faced the challenge of adjusting to life without Anupama’s presence. They tried their best to provide care and support to Choti Anu, ensuring her needs were met.
  4. What happened when Anupama returned unexpectedly? Upon her unexpected return, Anupama expressed her inability to leave Choti Anu behind. However, this decision angered Gurumaa, leading to a heated confrontation and Gurumaa’s vow to ruin Anupama’s life.
  5. Will Anupama’s departure impact her relationship with Anuj? The impact of Anupama’s departure on her relationship with Anuj remains to be seen. The emotional distance and challenges they face may test their bond, leading to significant changes in their dynamic.

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