Anupama 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update:Anupama Shatters Her Promise to Gurumaa Malati Devi

Introduction: In the latest episode, CA confesses to Vanraj that she ran away to the orphanage without informing anyone because she believed her mother had abandoned her forever. However, Anupama surprises everyone by appearing at the orphanage and finding CA. Anuj stands by Anupama’s side, and they decide to return home together. Anupama recites a heartfelt poem emphasizing her family and motherhood’s supremacy over her own dreams. During a car ride, Anuj wonders why Anupama returned and contemplates the potential consequences of her actions. Meanwhile, Gurumaa’s anger boils as she reflects on Anupama breaking her promise and disregarding her teachings.

Anupama’s Reappearance: Upon returning home with Anuj, Vanraj, and CA, Kavya questions CA about her sudden departure without informing anyone and expresses concern for their well-being. CA apologizes for causing trouble and receives reassurance from Kavya. Anupama promises CA that she will never leave her alone again. Leela attempts to approach Anupama, but she stops her, gazes at Maaya’s photo, and assures her daughter that Yashoda Maiya (herself) is back. Anupama requests some time alone, which the family members respect.

Concerns and Gurumaa’s Fury: Barkha and others inquire about Anupama’s return and how she found CA at the orphanage. Anuj reveals that they have no information since Malati Devi, Gurumaa, did not answer his call. Toshu predicts that Gurumaa might seek legal action against Anupama. Hasmukh believes Gurumaa will understand a mother’s predicament, while Leela warns of Gurumaa’s dangerous nature. Meanwhile, Gurumaa vents her anger by burning articles related to Anupama.

Anupama’s Guilt and Vanraj’s Thoughts: Overwhelmed by her broken promises to Gurumaa, Anupama utters “sorry” repeatedly. Leela questions Anuj about contacting Anupama and informing her about CA’s situation, to which Vanraj replies that he didn’t, hence his shock at finding Anupama at the orphanage. Dimpy speculates that Anupama’s change of heart stems from Maya’s demise, while Vanraj criticizes Anupama for prioritizing motherhood over her dreams. Anuj consoles Anupama, offering her water, and she justifies her decision, highlighting the importance of a child in a mother’s life. Anuj acknowledges Anupama’s sacrifice but questions the impact on a mother’s own dreams. Anupama feels guilt-ridden, while Gurumaa vows to destroy her completely.

Precap: As a power outage occurs, Leela anticipates an approaching storm. Vanraj demands answers from Anupama about her return, but before she can explain, Gurumaa makes a grand entrance. Anupama humbly touches Gurumaa’s feet, referring to her as “gurumaa,” but in a shocking turn of events, Gurumaa slaps Anupama and disowns her, renouncing her as both a guru and a mother.

Conclusion: Anupama’s decision to defy Gurumaa’s teachings and return home triggers unforeseen consequences. While Anupama grapples with guilt, Gurumaa’s anger intensifies, setting the stage for an intense clash between the two. As the storyline unfolds, viewers can expect dramatic revelations and emotional confrontations that will test the resilience of Anupama and the Shah family. Stay tuned to witness the fallout from Anupama’s betrayal and the repercussions it brings.

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