Anupama – July 19, 2023: Malti Devi’s Challenge to Anupama


In the recent episodes of the popular television drama series “Anupama,” the protagonist Anupama faces a series of challenges as she deals with the aftermath of Maaya’s tragic death and the wrath of Gurumaa. This article delves into the emotional turmoil faced by Anupama, her unwavering determination to protect her family, and the unfolding consequences of her actions.

Anupama - July 19, 2023: Malti Devi's Challenge to Anupama

1. Anupama’s Discovery of Maaya’s Ghost

Anupama recounts the haunting experience of encountering Maaya’s ghost, who urges her to take care of her daughter, Bebli. Despite the eerie encounter, Anupama feels a profound connection with Maaya and believes that her presence is a divine sign.

2. The Orphanage’s Disturbing Calls

Anupama reveals that during the time she spent with Maaya’s ghost, she unknowingly missed several calls from the orphanage. Upon returning the call, she learns that CA (her daughter) is present at the orphanage. The coincidence of being in Mumbai at the same time as CA fills Anupama’s heart with hope and reinforces her determination to reunite with her daughter.

3. Anupama’s Unwavering Resolve

Despite the challenges she faces, Anupama’s determination knows no bounds. She narrates her relentless pursuit of reaching her beloved Bebli, defying all odds. Anupama’s unwavering resolve showcases her deep love for her children and her unwavering dedication to being a mother.

4. Sacrifices and Motherhood

Anupama reflects on her past sacrifices, highlighting the pivotal moment when she put her dreams on hold to become Sweety’s mother. She compares this sacrifice to her current role as CA’s mother, emphasizing that although she may have given up her dreams, the happiness she derives from being a mother is immeasurable.

5. An Apology to Gurumaa

Anupama acknowledges her past mistakes and seeks forgiveness from Gurumaa for her misguided actions. She expresses remorse for the wrongs she committed in the name of protecting her daughter, Sweety. Anupama’s willingness to face the consequences of her actions demonstrates her growth as a character and her determination to make amends.

6. Gurumaa’s Vengeful Intentions

Gurumaa, angered by Anupama’s actions, declares her intent to destroy Anupama’s life. She proclaims that until her last breath, she will ensure Anupama’s complete destruction, disregarding the pleas of the Shah and Kapadia families. The stage is set for a fierce battle between Gurumaa and Anupama.

7. Anupama’s Pain and Anuj’s Support

Anupama, while tending to CA, reflects on the pain she feels, both physically and emotionally, as a result of Gurumaa’s slap and her impending wrath. Anuj, displaying unwavering support, applies warm compresses to Anupama’s cheek, assuring her that while the pain will fade, Gurumaa’s anger will persist until she receives an apology.

8. Concerns at Shah House

Vanraj expresses his apprehension regarding Malti Devi’s anger and the consequences Anupama may face. The Shah family members engage in a discussion about the impact of Gurumaa’s curse on Anupama’s life. Kinjal defends Anupama, stating that a true guru would never curse their student, while Leela and Kavya voice their concerns over the impending wrath.

9. Anuj’s Determination to Protect Anupama

Anuj, discussing the situation with Ankush, expresses his commitment to repay Malti Devi’s losses and challenges her if she resorts to legal action. He vows to shield Anupama from harm, highlighting his unwavering support for her. Anupama overhears their conversation, finding solace in Anuj’s determination to protect her.

10. Malti Devi’s Plotting

Malti Devi, reminiscing about Anupama’s betrayal, confides in Nakul, stating her intention to attack Anupama’s motherhood. She plans to tarnish Anupama’s reputation as a mother, believing it to be her greatest vulnerability. Malti Devi’s plotting sets the stage for a brewing conflict between the two strong-willed women.

11. Anupama’s Prayers and Promises

In a poignant scene, Anupama performs tulsi pooja and sings a heartfelt bhajan. She prays to Lord Krishna, expressing her gratitude for the two paths that have opened before her—the path of her dreams and the path of her family. Anupama reaffirms her commitment to her family, seeking strength to fulfill her promise to Maaya and alleviate CA’s sorrow.


As the storyline unfolds, Anupama finds herself caught between the consequences of her actions and Gurumaa’s wrath. Determined to protect her family, Anupama confronts the challenges head-on, displaying unwavering strength and resilience. The viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next episode to witness the climax of this intense battle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: What is the significance of Anupama’s encounter with Maaya’s ghost? A: Anupama’s encounter with Maaya’s ghost serves as a turning point in the storyline, guiding her on a path to protect her daughter, Bebli.
  2. Q: How does Anupama handle Gurumaa’s anger? A: Anupama accepts Gurumaa’s anger as her rightful punishment and continues to apologize, hoping for forgiveness.
  3. Q: What challenges does Anupama face from Malti Devi? A: Malti Devi plans to attack Anupama’s motherhood, seeking to tarnish her reputation and bring her down.
  4. Q: How does Anuj support Anupama during this difficult time? A: Anuj stands by Anupama’s side, offering unwavering support and vowing to protect her from harm.
  5. Q: What can viewers expect in the upcoming episodes? A: The upcoming episodes promise a heightened conflict between Anupama and Gurumaa, raising the stakes for Anupama’s future.

    In conclusion, “Anupama” continues to captivate audiences with its engaging storyline, powerful performances, and intense character dynamics. As Anupama faces the consequences of her actions and navigates the challenges posed by Gurumaa, viewers eagerly anticipate the resolution of this gripping narrative.
    Disclaimer: This article is a creative interpretation of the events in the television drama series “Anupama” and is not based on real-life incidents or individuals.

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