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In this compelling narrative, we explore the life of Barkha, a woman determined to overcome her anger through meditation. However, her journey takes an unexpected turn when her brother’s grand plan to take over the Kapadia empire fails miserably. This article delves into the emotions, sacrifices, and revelations that shape Barkha’s life and the profound impact of her interactions with her family members, especially Anupama.

The Failed Plan

Barkha’s brother, Ankush, along with her, had devised a cunning plan to seize the Kapadia empire after the departure of Maaya, Anuj’s wife, who was now occupied with her CA studies. They believed that with Anupama’s presence, they could easily take over the business. However, destiny had other plans, and their scheme crumbled, leaving them to ponder their next move.

Barkha’s Gratitude to Anupama

Despite the failed plan, Barkha credits Anupama for their lack of success. She acknowledges that Anupama’s presence prevented them from executing their intentions successfully. Barkha appreciates the sacrifices Anupama made for her family and realizes the significance of her role in their lives.

Ankush’s Taunts and Barkha’s Response

Ankush taunts Barkha about her meditation practice, suggesting it hasn’t helped control her anger. In response, Barkha stands her ground, expressing gratitude to Anupama for being the reason she doesn’t need to worry about the family’s responsibilities. She urges Ankush to let go of his obsession with Anupama and focus on his own responsibilities.

Samar’s Concern for Anupama

Samar, worried about Anupama’s well-being, returns home abruptly after his workshop. The family discusses Anupama’s recent actions and the potential consequences of her decisions. Vanraj advises them to give Anupama space to deal with her emotions.

Dimpy’s Betrayal and its Consequences

Dimpy, who Anupama had supported, betrays her by making false statements about Anupama breaking Malti Devi’s contract. This revelation shocks the family and raises concerns about Anupama’s future.

Anupama’s Efforts for CA’s Happiness

Amidst all the chaos, Anupama creates a princess-themed room for CA, hoping to keep her happy. Anuj appreciates her effort to create a loving environment for CA, reminiscent of the happy moments with Maaya.

Malti Devi’s Grudge Against Anupama

Malti Devi, hurt by Anupama’s actions, holds a grudge and plans to seek revenge. Her determination to take away Anupama’s reason for living adds to the tension in the story.

Anupama’s Princess Surprise for CA

Anupama surprises CA with a princess-themed room, dancing with joy around her. She lovingly embraces her motherly role and cherishes the moments spent with her family.

The Hope for Anupama’s Redemption

Despite the challenges and betrayals, there remains hope for Anupama’s redemption. Her genuine efforts to keep the family together and ensure CA’s happiness may lead to a positive turn of events.

MD’s Determination to Seek Revenge

Malti Devi’s anger intensifies as she sees Anupama’s photo in the newspaper. She is determined to make Anupama pay for tarnishing her reputation and damaging the Kapadia empire.


In the midst of turmoil and emotions, Barkha’s journey to self-discovery through meditation takes a significant turn. Anupama’s sacrifices and dedication to her family become evident, shaping the dynamics of their relationships. As the story unfolds, it raises questions about forgiveness, redemption, and the power of selflessness.


  1. Q: What is the central theme of the story?
    • The central theme revolves around family dynamics, sacrifices, and the pursuit of redemption.
  2. Q: How does Anupama cope with the challenges she faces?
    • Anupama copes by embracing her motherly role and finding solace in meditation.
  3. Q: Will Malti Devi succeed in seeking revenge against Anupama?
    • The future events in the story remain uncertain, but Malti Devi’s determination poses a significant threat to Anupama.
  4. Q: How does Barkha’s perception of Anupama change throughout the narrative?
    • Barkha’s perception of Anupama evolves from indifference to gratitude and respect for her selflessness.
  5. Q: Will the family be able to reconcile and find mutual understanding?
    • The story leaves the possibility of reconciliation open, but the family must confront their emotions and conflicts.

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