Anupama 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Malti Devi Gets Anupama’s Dance Academy Sealed


In this article, we will explore the heated confrontation between Dimpy and Samar, as well as Anupama’s attempt to seek redemption after the controversy caused by Dimpy’s statement in the media. The events unfold with emotions running high and family dynamics taking center stage. Let’s dive into the dramatic turn of events that have left the family in disarray.

Dimpy and Samar’s Argument

Dimpy and Samar engage in a heated argument over Dimpy’s decision to give a statement against Anupama in the media. Samar urges her to accept her mistake, but Dimpy demands his support when his family criticizes her. However, Samar believes that Dimpy consistently makes wrong choices and cannot expect unwavering support from him. The family overhears their conversation from the living room, leading to further tensions.

Anupama’s Surprise Party

Anupama organizes a surprise party for CA and expresses her philosophy of inviting happiness repeatedly despite the uninvited sorrows in life. The family shares joyous moments, but their happiness takes a hit when they come across the controversial news in the newspaper.

The Controversial News

Dimpy’s statement in the media causes a stir, and the family is dismayed by her actions. Anuj, in particular, is furious and decides to take action against the newspaper editor for publishing the false news. The Kapdias worry about the impact of Dimpy’s act on Anupama and fear that she may feel guilty for it.

Anupama’s Decision to Seek Forgiveness

Anupama chooses not to question Dimpy, believing that she won’t understand the consequences of her actions. Instead, Anupama takes a different approach and decides to seek forgiveness from her guru, Gurumaa, who she feels she has disappointed by breaking her trust.

Consequences of Dimpy’s Actions

Pakhi is deeply affected by Dimpy’s behavior and wants to confront her. However, Anupama takes responsibility for the situation, blaming herself for not living up to her guru’s expectations. Anuj offers to compensate for MD’s losses, but Anupama insists on facing the punishment to atone for her actions.

Anupama’s Determination

Anupama reveals her unwavering respect and devotion to Gurumaa, who had supported her in the past and made her the successor. Anupama is determined to seek forgiveness from Gurumaa and believes that a sincere apology can mend the situation.

Gurumaa’s Challenge

Anupama heads to Gurumaa’s place to apologize, but Nakul expresses concern about her well-being. Gurumaa, on the other hand, is fuming with anger over Anupama’s previous actions and observes her next move with interest.

The Dance Academy Closure

Meanwhile, the authorities seal Anupama’s dance academy for operating without the required legal permissions. Vanraj recalls Gurumaa’s challenge, implying that the closure might be a result of the ongoing feud.

Anupama’s Quest for Redemption

Anupama’s determination to seek Gurumaa’s forgiveness intensifies as she reaches the gurukul. She calls Gurumaa down, determined to make amends and put an end to the ongoing conflict.

Gurumaa’s Condition for Forgiveness

Gurumaa sets a condition for forgiving Anupama: she asks her to dance to the song “Sheela Ki Jawani.” The article concludes with the anticipation of whether Anupama will accept the condition and the hope that her efforts to seek redemption will yield positive results.


The family’s harmony is disrupted due to Dimpy’s controversial statement, leading Anupama to take a path of redemption by seeking forgiveness from her guru, Gurumaa. Amidst family dynamics, emotions, and challenges, Anupama’s quest for redemption is filled with uncertainties and high-stake confrontations. The outcome of her dance to fulfill Gurumaa’s condition remains to be seen, leaving readers eager to know what lies ahead for the family.


  1. Will Anupama succeed in seeking Gurumaa’s forgiveness? As of now, the outcome is uncertain. Anupama’s determination is strong, but Gurumaa’s decision awaits.
  2. How will Dimpy’s controversial statement affect the family dynamics? Dimpy’s statement has already caused tensions within the family, and its impact will unfold in the coming episodes.
  3. What consequences will Dimpy face for her actions? Dimpy’s actions might have repercussions on her relationships within the family, and the consequences will be explored further.
  4. Will Anuj be successful in his attempt to take legal action against the newspaper editor? Anuj’s reaction to the news remains fierce, and readers will find out if he proceeds with legal action.
  5. How will Anupama’s dance to “Sheela Ki Jawani” impact her quest for redemption? The dance performance may play a significant role in Anupama’s journey to seek Gurumaa’s forgiveness.

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