Anupama 22nd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Malti Devi’s Condition To Forgive Anupama

Anupama’s Struggle for Forgiveness: A Heartfelt Dance of Redemption


In the midst of a tangled web of emotions, the fate of Anupama’s Dance Academy hangs in the balance. After being sealed by a government official for operating without a proper license, Anupama finds herself on a mission to seek forgiveness from Malti Devi (MD). The woman who once held immense admiration for Anupama’s talent has now become the key to her redemption.

Anupama’s Desperate Attempt

As news of the dance academy’s closure spreads, Anupama’s husband, Vanraj, informs the Shah family about the unfortunate turn of events. Samar, Anupama’s son, sacrifices his own dreams to support the academy’s cause, further intensifying the emotional stakes. While the family frets about the future, Kinjal offers insight into the potential hurt and humiliation Anupama might be feeling.

Anupama’s Dance for Forgiveness

Determined to earn MD’s forgiveness, Anupama decides to meet her in person. The encounter is charged with emotions as Anupama performs a series of dances, hoping to touch MD’s heart. However, Nakul notices that instead of offering understanding, MD chooses to humiliate Anupama with each song change.

Anuj, who cares deeply for Anupama, expresses his worries to Ankush. Meanwhile, Barkha sees this situation as an opportunity to create a distraction for herself and Adhik, who are now eager to exploit Anuj’s preoccupation.

Malti Devi’s Stern Decision

In the midst of the dance performances, MD sets forth her conditions for granting forgiveness. Anupama faces a difficult choice between her family and her passion for dance. Once torn between the two, MD now expects her to make the ultimate sacrifice, dedicating her life solely to her talent.

Anupama’s Heartbreaking Outcome

Anupama, struggling with the weight of her decision, stands in silence. Knowing that she cannot abandon her family, she faces MD’s wrath. Malti Devi, driven by a sense of vengeance, forcefully removes Anupama from the gurukul and closes the door on her tear-streaked face. MD’s actions leave Anupama heartbroken, yet she accepts the reality of her situation.


Anupama’s journey to seek forgiveness through dance comes at a high price. The love and devotion she holds for her family become evident as she embraces the consequences of her choices. In her pursuit of redemption, she learns that forgiveness can be a complex and painful process. Anupama’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices we make for our loved ones and the unexpected twists life can throw our way.


  1. Is Anupama’s Dance Academy permanently closed? As of now, yes, the government has sealed the academy due to operating without a license. Anupama’s journey to redemption is uncertain at this point.
  2. What was Malti Devi’s response to Anupama’s performance? Malti Devi seemed unmoved by Anupama’s heartfelt performances. Instead of forgiveness, she chose to humiliate her during the dance.
  3. Will Anupama’s sacrifice save her family’s honor? Anupama’s sacrifice is a testament to her love for her family, but whether it will be enough to regain Malti Devi’s forgiveness remains to be seen.
  4. How will Anuj handle Anupama’s situation? Anuj, deeply concerned for Anupama, faces a dilemma on how to support her without defying her wishes.
  5. What will happen to Samar and his dance career? Samar’s dance career is uncertain now that the academy is closed. His decision to prioritize saving the academy over his career adds complexity to the situation.

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