Anupama 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Samar Signs Malti Devi’s Contract

Samar refuses to join Malti Devi (MD)’s dance academy. Dimpy asks him to answer one question before leaving. Samar agrees, and Dimpy explains that their dance academy is closed, and their income source has dried up. They have a large family to take care of, and finding a job won’t be easy for Samar. Samar confidently says he will change cities and asserts that MD is not a god whose rule extends everywhere. Dimpy points out that he might not find a job immediately, to which Samar responds with a humorous remark that they don’t ride crocodiles, indicating that they don’t have to rush into things.

Dimpy requests Samar to listen to her one last explanation. Anupama tells her family that Samar always prioritizes the family and can never do anything wrong. Dimpy eventually convinces Samar and takes him to meet MD. MD acknowledges Samar’s talent and attributes it to his mother. She hopes he isn’t as stubborn as Anupama. Dimpy assures MD that they are willing to work for her. MD proposes that if Samar is smart, he should sign a contract committing to work exclusively for her dance academy. Samar looks at the contract but receives a call from Anupama just then. Anupama worries when Samar doesn’t answer the call, believing that he is sensible, but sometimes circumstances force people to make tough decisions.

Meanwhile, Adhik visits the Shah family, and there seems to be tension between him and Pakhi. Anuj, a family friend, starts a poem, reminding everyone of the difficult times they’ve faced recently, but emphasizes the importance of finding happiness together. Anuj announces that Pakhi has transformed and will be joining Kapadia industries, which leaves Adhik tense.

Anuj suggests a party to celebrate the good news, but Anupama proposes a baby shower for Kavya, who is expecting her first child with Vanraj. While everyone discusses the party themes, Samar and Dimpy walk in. Samar appears tense, and Anupama asks what happened. Samar remembers signing MD’s contract, and Dimpy reveals that they signed it. Everyone congratulates Samar, believing that MD can’t harm them. However, Samar remains visibly anxious, and Anupama insists on knowing what’s bothering him. Dimpy discloses that they signed the contract with MD, leaving everyone shocked.

In the preview, Samar shouts in frustration, expressing that he is tired of pretending to be a good child and doesn’t want to bear the consequences of goodness like his mother. MD mentions punishing Anupama’s motherhood and not her physical body, leading Anupama to make a determined decision to protect Samar from MD’s influence.

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