Anupama 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Samar Vents Out His Frustration

In this emotional rollercoaster of a family drama, we witness the Shah family grappling with unexpected challenges and conflicts. Anupama, the matriarch, finds herself facing adversaries in the form of Malti Devi (MD), who appears to have some ulterior motives. Meanwhile, her son, Samar, takes a significant and controversial decision, leaving the family in turmoil. Let’s delve into the intricacies of the story and explore the dynamics between the characters.

1. Unveiling the Unexpected Contract

The family is shocked when they learn that Samar has signed a contract with Malti Devi, leading to an outburst of anger and frustration. Kinjal speculates that MD must have blackmailed him into signing the contract, while Toshu questions Samar’s loyalty to the family.

2. Dimpy’s Support for Samar

Dimpy, Samar’s sister, comes to his defense, stating that he is not one to sit idle and rely on his wife’s earnings like Toshu. She believes that Samar has the right to make his decisions and take up opportunities that come his way.

3. Kinjal’s Interference

Kinjal, unhappy with Dimpy’s remarks, warns her to show respect to her elders and not interfere in matters concerning the family’s elders. Leela, their grandmother, supports Kinjal’s stance, emphasizing the importance of maintaining decorum within the family.

4. Vanraj’s Faith in Samar

Vanraj, Anupama’s husband, tries to understand Samar’s perspective and believes that there must be a reason behind his decision. Samar expresses his frustration, feeling burdened by the family’s expectations of him being the “good kid” who never makes mistakes.

5. Samar’s Justification

Samar defends his decision, stating that he informed the family about the job offer from MD and didn’t blindly accept it. He believes that working with MD might help bridge the gap between her and Anupama and possibly heal old wounds.

6. Anupama’s Dilemma

Anupama is torn between supporting Samar’s decision and her concerns about MD’s intentions. She recalls MD’s challenge to destroy her children, adding to her worries.

7. MD’s Vengeful Plot

MD’s plot to indirectly hurt Anupama through her children becomes evident when she hires Samar and Dimpy for her Indian gurukul in the USA. Anuj, Samar’s uncle, suspects MD’s intentions and is determined not to engage in revenge.

8. Family Bonds and Resilience

As the family faces uncertainty, they come together to support Samar and Dimpy in their new endeavors. Anupama advises Samar to work hard and not let any conflict with MD affect his performance.

9. The Baby Shower Ceremony

Amidst the turmoil, the family prepares for a baby shower ceremony. Anupama fears that her dream of happiness might not come true due to the ongoing challenges.

10. Upholding Love and Unity

In the face of adversity, the family remains united, acknowledging that sorrows may come, but they must find a way to embrace happiness. Anupama and Anuj discuss dealing with MD while protecting their children from harm.


The Shah family’s journey is filled with challenges and emotions, but they stay resilient and stand together in the face of adversity. Samar’s decision to work with MD, while controversial, reflects his desire to be independent and make his mark. As the family faces unknown threats, they rely on their love and unity to overcome the obstacles and find happiness amidst the trials.

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